A visit from our Friendly Fire Fighters

09 Nov 2018

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1543378884MELLING-KINDY-fireman (1).JPG

The children at BestStart Melling were lucky to have the Lower Hutt Fire Service come and visit us recently. The four firemen came into our classroom and explained a little about fire safety and what a smoke alarm is used for.  

Wafaa our preschool teacher was a champ and volunteered to demonstrate how firemen wear their gear while the firemen explained what each piece was used for.  In this demonstration we realised what a huge responsibility firemen actually have as they fight fires!  

After this we went outside to see the fire truck.  The weather was very bad so we didn’t get to use the fire hose.  However it was pretty cool to sit in the back of the fire truck and see the lights they use to alert the public of an emergency.  At the end of their visit they received a callout so they had to rush to the fire truck to go where were needed to be. 

Having a first hand encounter with these special service men and women gave the children an insight into another important role of responsibility in our society and this gave us a new perspective on the role firemen have in our community.