Busy builders at BestStart Girven Road

20 Jun 2019

Busy builders at BestStart Girven Road

This week we have observed nga tamariki starting to build up with their designs as a change to the buildings on a single level.  To extend on this interest we took a small group of tamariki for a short hikoi up the road to a construction site where they are building new houses and some other buildings too.  Nga tamariki noticed that the builders wore hard hats and high visibility vests just like the ones we wear when going out of the centre.  We saw two cranes, some trucks, mud, and we were lucky enough to see a crane truck arrive at the building site.  Nga tamariki talked about what the buildings were being made of and noticed that they were being made of concrete blocks but the builders were also using wooden planks and steel scaffolding to help them build and “not to fall over”.  When we returned to the centre a few of the tamariki got busy and started to draw what they had seen. We are looking forward to seeing where this visit may take our tamariki on their construction journey