Celebrating Diwali at First Steps Newmarket

09 Nov 2018

Celebrating Diwali at First Steps Newmarket
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शुभ दीपावली Happy Diwali! On Wednesday the 7th November 2018 we celebrated ‘Diwali’, the festival  of lights at First Steps Newmarket. Our children participated in a variety of activities for the celebration. We discussed with the children the importance of this festival for Indians and the story behind it. The children really enjoyed doing “rangoli’ which is a sign of welcoming everybody. They also participated actively in cooking Indian food called ‘roti’ and Rajbir, our new centre cook, made some yummy butter chicken for lunch. We relished this food together with your friends and teachers! It was so lovely to see the children dressed up in Indian costumes on Diwali day! The teachers also looked beautiful wearing Indian costumes. It was also great to see the children dancing to Indian songs and having fun. The children learnt about the culture and tradition of lighting lamps or diyas related to Diwali. They made diyas using salt dough and decorated it with glitter. The children also made paper craft diyas. Through this celebration, the children had an opportunity to gain knowledge about a different culture. They learnt that every culture is important and that it is really good to understand other people’s beliefs and values. They have also learnt about diversity of cultures and about respecting each other’s differences.