Displaying Manaakitinga - Caring for others

07 Nov 2018

Displaying Manaakitinga - Caring for others

It was a beautiful morning in Te Whare Marama (3 to 4 year old room). We had set up some of our family play furniture on the outside deck area. It was amazing to see the children outside under the trees collecting our camellia flower buds. Hana and Matthias spent a lot of time collecting and dismantling these – carefully stripping off all the petals and transporting the petals to a silver tray in the family play area. When asked what their plan was, they answered that they “were peeling eggs for our salad to feed the crying babies”. This was such great expression of imagination, creativity and concentration you both showed in preparing kai for your babies. We could hear lots of conversation about what step was next and who was going to have the first turn to stir the salad.

Once the kai was fed to the babies we saw a number of our children taking such great care of the babies – feeding, nursing, talking to them and taking them for walks in the pram. We also spotted Bill getting in on the action – having a turn in the babies cot. This continued through out the morning as the children enjoyed this calm and engaging spot to sit with the dolls. Such great aroha (love) and manaakitanga (care for others) our tamariki display. What a wonderful morning.