Forest Kindy at Community Kindy Parton Road!

08 Nov 2018

Forest Kindy at Community Kindy Parton Road!

Today was another great Forest Kindy Day. We started by running freely on the grass as fast as we could, the children re visited the dead bird we found a couple of weeks ago and were very amazed at where it had gone and why there was now only feathers left and hardly any bones, a great topic to be researched when we return to the centre. The children then decided to play hide and seek ( spot the children in the photo ) they are getting soo good at hiding and self managing the game, deciding who is counting and who is hiding. We then decided as a group to re build our hut as this is our meeting point weekly. We discussed how to make this stronger this time so it won't break and thought that bigger sticks will make it last... here is hoping!We have learnt that we are only allowed to take branches that are already broken on the ground and to respect our trees. To finish our fun filled day we had a picnic of oranges, biscuits and water :) what a great time with so much learning, I love how much learning these days in the outdoors provide!