Garden Project - Part 5

18 Nov 2018

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Planting our spring garden continued:

Wow what a fantastic time we had in our garden today. Nga tamariki and Nicky spent 45 minutes making sure we placed soil over our potato plants, so the spring frosts can’t hurt the leaves. We also were super excited to prepare the soil and plant the seeds one of the Grandparents provided for our garden. We had a wonderful time discussing the different seeds and can’t wait to watch our peas, beans, cucumber and sunflowers grow.

Nga tamariki enjoyed picking out which gardening gloves they wanted to wear and the gardening tool they wanted to use. We all helped make sure all the rubbish was placed in the bins at the end and our tools etc were placed back where they belonged ready to be used another day.


Learning outcomes:

  • Caring for our natural environment and our plants that are starting to grow.
  • To have an understanding on how we need to continue to look after our garden and ways to do this.
  • Linking in the home environment to the centre with discussions around vegetable gardens at home and whanau involvement.
  • Sustainability- Where our food comes from and how to source this food, what resources and equipment is needed to achieve this.
  • Sharing and taking turns, working alongside each other and listening to opinions and ideas.