Had Great Times in June

24 Jul 2017

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At EduKids Apirana the children and staff had an awesome time in June participating in many planned activities.

9th June was Odd Sock Day:  children and staff arrived wearing odd socks.  Some parents commented how it was a good opportunity to wear those socks where one of the pair goes missing in the wash.

16th June was Crazy Hair Day: what a fun and crazy day.  Way out hair styles, hair colour and wigs were the fashion for the day.

23rd June was Pyjama and Movie Day.  The weather was just perfect for wearing our pyjamas and watching Moana movie. The children enjoyed popcorn and hot chocolate.

We finished the month with a Psychedelic Disco at night on Friday 30th.   We had a great turn out where children, staff and family danced the night away.

These activities gave the children the opportunity to make connections with others, to gain a sense of belonging and give them the confidence to participate in new contexts.  They also gained a sense that learning can be lots of fun!