Healthy Heart birthdays

09 Jul 2017

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ABC Mahora have been working hard to gain their Gold Healthy Heart Award. This is the top level achievable, Pā-Harakeke. This means ABC Mahora have woven healthy eating and physical activity practices sustainably into all aspects of their environment as well as engaging their community. They were awarded this recently but have taken it a step further by creating extra special birthday parties for the children in the centre. There are exciting healthy choice party foods that the children get to choose from which are served on a special tray along with a tea set and teapot of herbal fruit tea. There are Healthy Bugs which are made from celery sticks and cottage cheese, Racing Cars made from apples and grapes and delicious birthday muffins. Brogan from the Heart Foundation wrote to the centre “You have a philosophy of love and this really shines through on your birthday celebrations. Emphasis is on each child feeling valued and special as well as nourished with delicious, healthy food. Celebrations can be fun and inclusive while still instilling healthy habits for the future. You have really demonstrated this with your variety of fun ideas including birthday crowns, dress ups, fruit creations, cauliflower popcorn and more! Keep up the great work and spread the word”  The love teachers put into the children’s birthday parties and food make each and every child and their whanau feel extra special on their big day.

“Hayden’s Birthday celebration was AWESOME!!! Everything you did, from the Happy Birthday sign, to his own little food tray made him feel super special. I see Hayden also had the opportunity to help create his own little birthday hat so that’s very cool…. One thing I especially loved was the fact that I was asked/able to be a part of it and I’ve only just seen that a lot of photos from that day have been uploaded so I can now see what his whole day actually entailed THATS AWESOME!!! I think you guys do an awesome job on a day to day basis, to go above and beyond and provide every child with their own little birthday celebrations as well is very lovely of you guys. Your guys centre is a big reason as to why Hayden is staying on longer, who needs Primary school when he has all of you guys”