How we do water play (korikori wai)


As summer is in full swing, our tamariki have been enjoying exploring all different types of water play, from water in the trough, the sprinkler, to exploring ice. The photos show the excitement and joy the tamariki are experiencing while exploring the variety of water play experiences.

Water play is one of the 16 Areas of Play.  There are many benefits to water play, here are a few...

Tamariki practice their hand-eye coordination as they pour water into containers. Providing different sized vessels helps tamariki refine their skills as they learn to master their movements. They learn maths concepts like measuring, estimating and volume, full and empty. Playing with water provides many opportunities to practice social skills through interactions with other children and teachers. The chatter around what they can do and how they can work together is always something you’ll hear around the water trough.

How can you expand your child’s interest in water at home?

Collect a variety of objects that float and sink such as safe plastic, wood and metal items. Cups, spoons, bottles, jugs, colanders, sieves, small plastic boats and funnels are great ideas.

Fill a small bucket of water and get a paint brush to ‘paint’ the fence or concrete.

A clear, flexible hose pipe shows how water flows. Other resources that can carry water down a track are always a hit too.

Freeze water. Children can learn about the concept of melting – building their language skills by using words in context like cold, slippery, melting. A great idea for extra interest is to put objects into the ice moulds.