Language, the Montessori Way

02 Jan 2019


At BestStart Montessori Herne Bay, we understand how important it is that our shelves hold many activities that will help interest the children within the classroom to choose to use the materials independently.

Not only that, but to continue to work with the activities to build upon the skills they are gaining.

With the guidance of a Montessori teacher, the children’s interests are ignited, giving the children the confidence to choose their own learning.

Beginning with concrete concepts where children learn using their senses, to abstract work like learning to read and write. The Montessori approach allows this to be a self-guided fun learning adventure!


A Reading Journey!

Reading and writing is a lot of fun using Montessori materials. Working from learning letter sounds, to identifying beginning and ending word sounds, then to reading and writing!

It is great to see children come to the centre everyday and chose to challenge themselves in the Language area.

Seeing friends learning to read also helps younger children to show great interest in learning to read too!

The pride a child feels When they achieve their goals and choose their own learning journey is priceless!