Learning through baking

13 Jun 2019

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Over the last few weeks we have been baking with our children. We have made a variety of foods from pikelets to muffins, buttering our own crackers, making mini quiche and more. This has been an awesome experience, and children have been discussing where ingredients come from and how they get to the shops, then to our homes.

As we made pikelets, many ideas arose, as some of us believe milk comes from the bottle in the supermarket or from under the cow. As we have readdressed these theories, the children’s knowledge is growing. We now know a farmer milks the cows, a milk tanker comes to pick up the milk to take it to the factory to be processed, then delivered to supermarkets for us to buy. It has been a fun process of learning what ingredients are used for, and how they get to our table. We can’t wait to bake and taste the next thing we produce!