Library Visit

12 Jul 2017

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ABC Waltham – Throughout the centre, we are currently celebrating Matariki – the Maori New Year. As part of this centre focus, a group of 6 children had the opportunity to ride in a taxi van to South Library. Once we got there, it was such an exciting and big place to explore and we headed for the children’s book section. The tamariki loved looking at all of the books and got to choose one book each that they could take back to preschool and share with their friends, which they got to check out on the computer themselves.

The tamariki also got to explore the little playground that they had on offer before we headed inside for a Matariki themed mat time. There were songs, stories and dancing which was enjoyed by everyone. When it had all finished, we all headed back to preschool to share our books and our stories of what we had done at the library.

What an exciting journey we had !