Mangorei School Pet Day

09 Nov 2018

Mangorei School Pet Day

All of the tamariki at BestStart Mangorei were abuzz, as were the teachers - we were all going on a bus trip! We all made sure we were sunsafe with sunblock and hats on ready for our adventure. As always the bus trip was a huge success, and we all squashed in for the drive further up Mangorei Road. Upon arrival we checked in at our designated 'meeting place', in case we got lost, then set out to explore what we could find. The first action we came upon was the dog display, and we watched behind the rope, talking about the different dogs, their looks and sizes, and comparing them to each other, and our own. After the dog show, we set off again to explore what other animals we could find. There were plenty! Lambs, ponies, turtles, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens - an amazing display of everyone's pets at Mangorei School - what a great experience for us to be able to see so many animals and pets all at once.

On our way around we encountered past and present friends and family of BestStart Mangorei, and had the opportunity to say hi and catch up a little... it was hard to recognise some as they are all growing so big so fast!

Once our tummies told us it was time for a break, we met back at the meeting place for some food and drink. Some of us chose to play on the playground that was conveniently located close by, challenging our bodies and minds to see if we could use the skills we already have to conquer some bigger equipment - all the while with lots of adults watching and making sure we were safe.

All too soon it was time to go and sit under the huge tree that graces the front of Mangorei School, and wait for our bus to return us back to Best Start. 

Many thanks to Mangorei School for inviting us, and the adult helpers that came along to make this such a successful day. we enjoyed it heaps, and talked about our experiences for some time afterwards.