Maori New Year

13 Jul 2017

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At Montessori Bethlehem we have been learning about Matariki the Maori New Year. These types of experiences enable our children to learn about and explore their own and others culture in a fun and exciting way. One of the ways we celebrated Matariki was by sharing kai/food. The children and their whanau/families brought in vegetables to share across all of our classrooms. The older children spent time carefully preparing the soup. This involved peeling and safely cutting vegetables, coating vegetables with oil and herbs and tipping them onto a tray ready to be roasted, then mixing them into a yummy soup. Then we used our left over vegetable scraps to feed to our worm farm. During the week the children have loved sharing their soup with one another for morning tea on those cold winter mornings. At Montessori Bethlehem children are often involved in preparing meals and are given opportunities to be involved in lots of other activities that they see others complete on a daily basis. We value children’s input and view them as capable and competent contributors. It is these values that help to develop our wonderful sense of community and as a result enable our classrooms to be filled with kind, considerate and helpful young children.