12 Jul 2017

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Over the past couple of weeks here at ABC Waltham, we have been celebrating the Maori New Year; Matariki. We have done so much learning here and the tamariki have been so excited with all the different activities that have been organised.

Throughout this celebration, the children have learnt and organised a play about the Maori Legend; In the Beginning. The tamariki spent a long time preparing all of their costumes and practising the play, ready for the big day where we got to perform it for our parents and whanau.

The children did such a fantastic job performing the play as well as two songs that we had learnt; ‘Twinkle Twinkle Matariki Star’ and ‘Matariki Matariki.’ Everyone was so proud of what the tamariki had achieved. We also celebrated our final day with a massive feast that showcased lots of different foods which was great to see.

We look forward to celebrating Matariki again next year!!