Mmmmm baking day!

08 Nov 2018


To help use up the large amount of carrots we had, the children at BestStart Waihopai baked carrot cake muffins for morning and afternoon kai. They have really enjoyed these a lot as they are so yummy! 

This has been a great way to use vegetables within our baking, and the children are learning to follow instructions, share and take turns. The children are also learning valuable maths skills as we count and fill 2 cups, or a half cup with ingredients. The children are learning about science concepts too, we had to mix all the liquid ingredients together, then mix the dry ingredients, then watch what happens when we mix both bowls together.  

The children couldn't wait for the muffins to cook, they smelt so good cooking and everyone rushed to the table to try them out.

They were delicious! This will be a recipe to add to our selection of healthy baking as part of our Healthy Heart award winning menu.