Our Annual Art Expo

22 Nov 2018

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The children at Community Kindy Marne have been working hard to create their projects for our Annual Art Expo. This year the children decided to base their art projects around some of their favourite stories. The Gruffalo came alive through clay Gruffalo creations complete with "purple prickles all over his back". Our youngest group based all of their projects around the Hungry Caterpillar creating many works of art from the moon to the egg, caterpillars and butterflies. Our oldest children took on a 3 dimensional creation with many of their favourite stories being represented.

Our families came from far and wide to share in the special day and were amazed at how creative the children have been. Some comments form families are below:

  • "From the point we entered the Kindy it was non-stop enjoyment for my family. My daughter truly enjoyed visiting each of her creations and proudly showing us her creations. We were so impressed on how the work was valued and displayed so lovingly clearly identifying each child as an artist. Every parents dream"
  • "My child was so proud to share his work and talk about each of the stories he had been studying"
  • "Wow I never knew it would look like a real Art Gallery. You have all down so well, the children are so creative and the teachers so respectful of our babies Artistic abilities"
  • "The best fun we have had as a family in a long time - we cant wait ill next year to see the hard work in the Kindy Art Gallery"