Our focus on physical literacy

30 Aug 2018

Our focus on physical literacy
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There is a strong focus on physical literacy happening at First Steps Seymour.  The tamariki have a course to get their bodies moving to keep warm this morning.  They were jumping on our new trampolines and crawling through the tunnel.  They were running around in the playground, walking the plank and abseiling across the rope.

Up, down, over, under, through, between, high, low, are just some of the words we are now beginning to hear the tamariki using during their play, as they engage effectively with their understanding around physical literacy

It was great to see the tuakana teina relationships that were being formed as the tuakana demonstrated great support to their teina.

It is awesome to see how interested and focused the tamariki are when engaging in physical activities.  They gain knowledge in regards to sharing, turn taking, body control, locomotive and movement skills, coordination, spatial awareness and an all round understanding of their physical well-being.