Our hikoi to Mitre 10 mega

28 Nov 2018

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At BestStart Papanui we are enthusiastic about the environment and taking care of and showing respect to Papatuanuku.

In support of this growing interest of the children's we have started a large vegetable garden out the back of the centre. To get the vegetable garden started, a group of children went for a walk to Mitre 10 Mega with Margot and Ashleigh. 

We explored all of the seedlings on offer and had many discussions about which vegetables we should grow. The children each took a plant in their trolley to purchase. 

On the way up to the check out we thought we had better stop off for a fluffy (served with chocolate fish) and a play on the playground.  A well deserved break on our day of shopping.

 Everyday we check, water and weed our vegetable garden and look forward to sharing our vegetable with our families.