Our Lamb and Duck Visitors!

11 Jul 2019

1562814771Duckling (Large).JPEG
1562814771Lamb (Large).JPEG
1562814771Lamb1 (Large).JPEG

Recently we have been visited by our Manager Hayley's orphaned lambs. The children have all been very excited at meeting the lambs and have taken a great interest in learning how to care for them and how to feed them. We have also been visited by our local pet duck Rosie and her newly hatched ducklings who the children just love to watch. 

Here at BestStart Coastal we have an ongoing interest in learning about animals and have recently been to the zoo which was amazing. Our children's interest also extends to all the small creatures that can be found in our gardens and to the plants that grow there too.

We have recently developed an area of our garden,( with a lot of input from our children ) and together we have created a fun Digger Garden in a recycled tractor tyre and a beautiful Fairy garden in a recycled bath. 

To extend our children's interest in caring for Papatuanuku, we are also recycling as much of our waste as is possible. We have recycling bins and a worm farm that our tamariki are taking the lead with. Trying our best to minimise our carbon footprint! We have also recently built a rotating compost bin which we can churn each day and make our scraps into beautiful compost for our vegetable garden. This is a wonderful way for our children to learn about caring for their environment and how they connect with nature and the wider world and community around them. 

We can't wait to see what we can explore next!