Out and About Exploring at the Botanical Gardens

31 Dec 2018

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The children at Community Kindy Marne Road were excited to see the Kindy Van pull up, and off on an adventure we went! When we arrived at the Botanical Gardens it was all exciting to see a spaceship had crash landed by the cafe. We explored the Mission Impossible Space display before heading out into the gardens and following the space travel past all of the planets which took us on a journey to space. The children chose us a lovely spot in the wooden hut to have morning tea which they had prepared with Shani at Kindy before going on our adventure.

We explored up in the Potters Children's Garden and discovered some new rocks had been hidden in the gardens and the children were excited to do a swap and carefully chose which of our rocks to hide in the gardens before swapping out with these amazing rocks other children had hidden. We explored inside the huge egg and took turns at winding the water wheel and turning the water around. 

As part of our project learning about water we visited all of the water wheels, fountains and the ducks in their pond. the children loved seeing the ripples in the water as the ducks glided through the water, we enjoyed catching the splashes of water as it tumbled over the fountains and exploring boats throughout the gardens.

What a great way to finish off a busy morning with a special treat on such a hot day. Our children have a natural love of exploring and being out in nature and today we saw how these adventures were a great way for the children to be active outdoors, communicating all that you saw and challenging yourself in new and exciting ways.