Photographing children

01 Nov 2018

Photographing children

A few tips and tricks can help you get the most out  of capturing those magic moments with little ones this summer.

Get down to their level 

Viewing things from an adult height is quite different from seeing the world through their eyes. Get down and play in the sandpit - not only will you see things as they do, but it helps keep things relaxed and natural.

Focus on eyes 

Shoot from their eye level, or just below, and keep the eyes in focus. Even if the surrounds are a little blurry, the eyes will carry the image. 

Be patient 

It pays to take some time to quietly watch and wait on the sidelines. It gives children space to forget the camera and to focus on what they are doing - and that allows you to capture unrehearsed images. 

Anticipate action

Balls will be kicked, new bikes will be ridden and birthday candles will be blown out - be ready for when they are.

Don’t ‘Say cheese’ 

The moment they hear it, children ham it up for the camera, or run the other way. Just let them be as they are, busy busy, with mud on their T-shirt and messy  hair – beautiful! 

Smiles are not the only good shots 

A grumpy fairy, a tired traveler or a sticky, ice cream-smeared face make great memories too.

If your child is uncooperative 

Put down the phone or camera and have some fun for a few minutes. Once everyone is into the activity, pick it up and try again.