Playdough for Matariki

09 Jul 2017

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Today I asked a group of tamariki “who wants to make Matariki play-dough with me?”, Eva very quickly responded with “yes”, then she looked at me, smiled and said “what’s Matariki play-dough”.  “Well I said, let’s get all the ingredients, then I’ll tell you all about it”. The tamariki all found a chair around the table, with BIG eager looks to see what this was all about, I told them that we were going to make black play-dough with glitter, like the twinkly night sky – just like Matariki.  There was a lot of “wow’s and cool” comments.

We got started, everyone had an important part to be involved within the process. We explained about the ingredients and what they were used for, some of the tamariki commented with “my Mum has that at home”. As some of the ingredients happened to be on their fingers, they had the odd taste every now and then.  There were a few screwed up faces from the saltiness of the dough, all part of learning, learning about their senses.

Each child had the opportunity to mix it all up in the big bowl, it was great watching Archie holding the bowl with his right hand, while mixing with his left hand – great hand and eye co-ordination skills Archie!! Then at the end as the hot water was added to the dough in the kitchen, it was all stirred up for a while before bringing it back down to the table.  Then some black paint was added and the tamariki sprinkled in hands falls of twinkly glitter.

Once it was all mixed up, it was formed into a ball.  Once it was cooled down it was wrapped it in glad wrap and the tamariki learned that theycould play with it tomorrow (Wednesday).  When we set the dough up the next morning, there was a huge abundance of tamariki who were interested with the look of the dough.