Reuben the bear visits

07 Nov 2018

Reuben the bear visits

Today we had a very exciting visitor in the Fern Room named Reuben the Bear. He taught us a lot about how to keep ourselves safe when we are riding our bikes, crossing the road and travelling in the car. The children were reminded about how important it is to wear a helmet on their bikes, making sure it is clipped up at the bottom and secure on their heads. They were also able to tell Reuben what the different colours mean on the traffic lights and practiced crossing the road safely. Reuben reminded them to stop, look, listen, and link before crossing the road. He also reminded us to buckle our seatbelts and to watch out for sneaky driveways. We had a lot of fun playing with Reuben and sharing our knowledge with him. The children learnt a lot and were also able to show Reuben all of the things they have been practicing at home. What a fun morning we had!