Taking it to the streets

19 Nov 2018

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1542596397hope walk 2.jpg

At BestStart Waitangirua, the teaching team have been focusing on their Hauora as well as the children's. We have done lots of different challenges in centre, but recently we took it out of the centre. In line with our centre vision of Growing Neighbourhood Heroes, some of the teaching team took on different Neighbourhood organised walking events. 

Cath, Timena and Judith participated in the Long Walk Home, which is a 25km walk from Wellington Station to Ngati Toa Domain. The idea behind this is to see if we could get home if there is a natural disaster, meaning that public transport would not be available or maybe even the main roads could be closed. It was a daunting experience, but they did it! 25km in 5 1/2 hours is an amazing effort.

Veta joined in the Porirua Hopewalk to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Her family joined her and they walked from Waitangirua Mall to the Cannons Creek Mall, in an effort to raise awareness of suicide prevention - such a worthy thing to be part of. 

This awesome team are out there, working on their Hauora, as well as being part of the Neighbourhood.