We are an Enviroschool!

28 Nov 2018

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Here at BestStart Oamaru Kindy we are very excited to have recently started on our Enviroschool journey. The Enviroschools aim is “to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably” and we can’t wait to continue to work towards this. 

At present we have some delicious fruit and vegetables growing in our garden which the children have been lovingly tending over the past months and are very excited about harvesting and sharing for morning kai. We have a three bin system at lunch time with bins for our food scraps, recyclables and rubbish. We also have some tadpoles which we are closely watching to observe their transition into frogs and to learn more about caring for living creatures.

Over the coming years we are looking forward to working alongside our tamariki and whānau to create a more sustainable environment and community. As we are at the start of our journey, we are currently looking at our current practices to identify the areas we would like to develop more sustainable practices in. Some of the areas we have already identified include waste reduction, composting and water usage. From here we will reflect on how we can make changes to the way we do things to create more sustainable practices.