Worms, bugs and insects – nature inspired learning


Recently our tamāriki have shown a great interest in worms, so we started building our worm farm. Holly first brought some worms from her garden and the children loved watching and exploring them. Then we learnt how worms move and how to care for worms through our mat time. 

The next day, we went on a bug hunt in our garden. We found a ladybug, spiders, worms and a sleeping night beetle that we woke up and watched for some time. We have read some books about bugs and insects, exploring how bugs and insects form a special part of our ecosystem and what they do for our world. We also discussed what is the best way we interact with these living creatures.

We collected our tamariki questions about the bugs and insects. Some questions were: How many eyes do spiders have? How can we attract butterflies to our garden? We would like to create rich learning experiences based on their interests and support them in discovering the answers in the over coming months.