ABC Botany

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ABC Botany is a spacious centre with four age specific rooms which are designed to meet the individual needs of tamariki while providing them with a safe and stimulating environment to explore.

We have a multicultural team of dedicated teachers who understand the importance of Early Childhood Education. As a team we are committed to ensuring that the environment is a place where all cultures are supported, celebrated and respected. We encourage our whanau to share their culture with us, this supports making lasting links between the centre and home.

Our Fantail Room is designed for tamatiki aged 3 months to 2 years. We follow primary caregiving in the Fantail Room which allows our tamariki and their whanau to form strong relationships with our teachers as well as have a smooth transition into the centre. Our environment is based on respectful interactions and active exploration underpinned by trusting relationships between tamariki and teachers

The Tuatara Room is for tamariki from 2 years to around 3 years. This environment is set up to provide learning opportunities that support children’s growth and development across all areas. From communication to gross motor skills the Tuatara Room teachers engage in responsive conversations that support the child to explore at their own pace and follow their individual interests.

The Pukeko and Koru Rooms are for children aged 3-5 years. These two rooms have a shared outdoor play space which supports children taking control of their learning and following their interests across the rooms. It also allows for a seamless transition. Our unique Be School Ready initiative is introduced in all the rooms and is developed to ensure that children leave the centre as confident, capable learners who are prepared for the next step in their education journey.

kind words from our parents


Thank you for the wonderful relationship we have enjoyed over the years as my children have passed through your education system, forming new relationships and gaining knowledge. I can not fail to mention the outstanding skills of the teachers, who helped our child blossom from a shy child to a confident and happy little boy.


I am very happy with the centre and care that my child gets, i feel that his teachers all know my child very well and take an interest in what he is doing both in and out of the centre. He has built friendships with some of the other children within the room and is always excited to go back the following day to see them. My child has a great relationship with all of the teachers. Overall this is a great centre.


My daughter has only been attending the centre for a short period of time but in that time her learning has developed immensely. She enjoys her time at the centre and the staff are very understanding of her emotional needs and are empathetic towards her.


What a special place you have all made ABC Botany. Be proud! The teachers and staff are all so caring, you have all made ABC Botany into such a special place. Thank you for all that you have done for both of our children in the 8 and a half years of association.


Celebrating Chinese Culture

To celebrate Chinese Language Week and Moon Cake Festival for the month of September, we invited Kissin's mum Zhang to do a performance for us.

Celebrating Matariki in the Tuatara Room

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora! Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora! Tenei te tangata puhuru huru Nana nei i tiki mai Whakawhiti te ra A upa … ne! ka upa … ne! A upane kaupane whiti te ra! As a celebration to the end of our Matariki celebrates

Matariki a-kura: Matariki for our tamariki

It’s Matariki – Maori New Year – and to build on our tamariki’s knowledge in this area, we at ABC Botany decided to join in the programme at the Auckland Museum. Our tamariki were invited onto Hotunui, the meeting house and w...