ABC Manurewa Central

Manurewa Central - stacking blocks
Manurewa Central - sandpit
Manurewa Central - pois
Manurewa Central - drum
Manurewa Central - bike
Manurewa Central - playdough
Manurewa Central - carpentry
Manurewa Central - orange game
Manurewa Central - drawing
Manurewa Central - boys trucks
Manurewa Central - 2 babies
ABC Manurewa Central is a community -based centre that our families love to be part of. Our children thrive in the dynamic and fun learning environment where culture is nurtured and celebrated. We offer sessions, short days and full day options both part time or full time. Call into centre to see how we can help your child become an independent, confident learner.

Our long-standing team of teachers are dedicated, experienced and provide quality education and care for our children. They enthusiatically provide support, encouragement and nurturing educational experiences and care for tamariki from 3 months to school age.

Our environment nutures children’s home cultures and is rich in cultural celebrations. We use a wide range of teaching approaches and strategies when working with our children and use the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki, to provide engaging and stimulating programmes that are exciting for all the children in our centre.

Kiwi Room (3 months to two years) - Developing warm, responsive and loving relationships with our tamariki is our priority and ensures that our centre is calm and child-focused.  Babies are stimulated and supported, and toddlers are challenged and extended. The learning and development opportunities provided are personalised to their specific individual needs and follows home routines.

Pukeko Room (two years – school) - The Pukeko Room contains a range of interesting play spaces. We use natural resources as part of our sustainable philosophy and teaching. Teachers work individually with each child and with groups of children, offering them the support and guidance to help them critically think, problem solve and explore. Our unique Be School Ready initiative has been developed to ensure that children leave the centre as confident, capable learners, having had many different experiences to prepare for the next step in their education journey.

Meals - We believe in having a positive attitude towards food and nutrition and we support our children to develop skills in healthy eating. We provide a nutritious morning, afternoon tea and lunch that is prepared by our cook in our on-site kitchen. Our cook caters for the range of different dietary requirements children have each day. 

kind words from our parents


Highest appraisal to this center, I have found that all children who are currently attending love this center and the relationships they build with one another. Highly recommend for everyone. Family environment.


I find the staff very friendly and helpful. My daughter has been with ABC Manurewa Central since she was 1. She knows them all and is comfortable with the staff. They know her personality and her traits and know how to talk to her and also how to settle her. My girl is big on cuddles and she always gets them there :) I always get feedback regarding my daughter, whenever I ask, also they tell me any issues with her daily. If I will be late picking her up, I call and they are always happy to have her stay there a little longer. I have never had any problems with the staff. I can tell that my daughter is learning a lot and she has so many friends at school. She is constantly talking, singing in different languages. Her imagination and stories are quite amusing. I highly recommend ABC Manurewa Central. :)


Connecting Tamariki With Nature

​At ABC Manurewa Central our children are busy preparing gardens and started planting for summer.

Old McDonald’s Farm Visits

As part of our planning and assessment here at ABC Manurewa Central, we organised a visit by the Old McDonald’s Farm. Nga tamariki were excited to see the big truck pull in and see the animals come out. They all had turns to go up in the truck, feed

Learning about self-help

At ABC Manurewa Central we have been teaching our Tamariki about self-help skills. A part of this topic was looking at taking responsibility, not only for ourselves but also our centre. Children are working together to help s...