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ABC Monokia - is located close to both the Rotorua industrial area and central city. Our teachers are all very passionate about making ABC Monokia a home away from home.

Here we celebrate diversity and individuality while helping to prepare children to become contributing members within the global community. Relationships between children, carers, parents/whanau and the local community are a key focus of our programme, and we welcome family participation in all the children’s activities. Together as a team through whanau participation and community involvement, we will foster success for children.

The Centre offers a unique indoor playground which you must come in and see it for yourself. Having such a wonderful play space indoors means that children can still run, climb and play in the sand – even when it is raining! We are mixed age centre which means children have plenty of opportunities to engage in much important tuakana-teina (older-younger) relationships. With that in mind, our centre still offers areas specified for diverse age groups

ABC monokia has an open door policy where we would like for you to spend time with your tamariki when you visit us.

kind words from our parents


The staff are so friendly and caring. There is consistency throughout the centre, which help my child setting in easy. You feel welcomed and even the relievers the centre uses are welcoming and know the children.


A Special Whanau Matariki

What is the true meaning of matariki. For ABC Monokia it means having a kai together as a huge whanau. It means spending time together, being as one. Thank you so much whanau and our wider community for your manaki. Kai pai to ra. The post A Special Whana

Harvesting Produce

Where do vegetables come from? Pak n’ Save! The kitchen! To foster the children at ABC Monokia’s understanding of where vegetables come from, we have been focusing on sustainability- specifically growing flowers, plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables as we

Learning about Rotorua’s Cultural History

A group of children from ABC Monokia were fortunate enough to have a tour of Te Puia. They started their trip off by watching the cultural show. Many of the children made connections to their history, families and wider world...