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Primrose - zoo
At ABC Primrose we pride ourselves on recognising the importance of whanau/family relationships. Teachers extend children through our Be School Ready initiative which aligns with Key Competencies of the NZ curriculum.

ABC Primrose Vision: The tamariki of ABC Primrose are rangatira in all aspects of Te Ao.  Together we lead each other towards the vision of kotahitanga for the future of our tamariki as 21st century leaders.  This is our commitment towards achieving Mauri Ora.

Bi-Cultural practice is important to our teachers and whanau. Our children are given opportunities to know and share their whakapapa. Our children’s sense of belonging is valued at ABC Primrose. Our teaching practice allows children the opportunity to participate, hear and speak Te Reo Maori. We have an ongoing relationship with the local marae Hemi Tapu.  Every Thursday we take a group of tamariki for a walk to hemi tapu to enjoy a fun session of kanikani mai.  

Nutritious meals are prepared and cooked, often alongside children so they can develop early habits of health and nutrition. Our centre has a shared spacious outdoor area with a bike track, a community garden, a child operated water feature, a large sandpit and much more outdoor equipment that can extend your child’s physical ability. Kotahitanga – Unity. Our children learn the importance of working with others, being respectful through positive guidance and sharing their learning space with different age groups.


Busk for Plunket

The tamariki from ABC Primrose Street walked to the local McDonalds to busk as a way to raise money for Plunket.  We sung and danced and made $60 in just half an hour! The post Busk for Plunket appeared first on BestStart Educare.

Visiting the zoo

ABC Primrose visited the Hamilton Zoo recently.   The post Visiting the zoo appeared first on BestStart Educare.

Supporting homes for humanity

One of our parents at ABC Primrose, Priscilla is going to Cambodia for a week to support homes for humanity.  She is taking over supplies and she is also going over to help build new homes which was something her father was d...