ABC Salisbury Street

ABC Salisbury Street early learning centre is conveniently located in central Christchurch and is open from 6.30am right through to 6.00pm, making it perfect for working families. We cater for children from 3 months up to 6 years old in two specially designed learning environments .

Nursery - Our Nursery provides care for children under two.  Our Nursery teachers have a vast amount of experience and passion for caring for infants and toddlers. We run a primary care-giving programme which sees each child have one ‘special’ teacher. Teacher and child develop a strong rapport, teachers gain a greater understanding of the child’s needs, being responsible for their care requirements and documenting their learning along the way.  They work alongside parents to ensure that your home routines and aspirations for your child are met.

Preschool - In the Preschool Room we have children from 2 years until school age. Our Preschool children are supported by qualified teachers who are attuned to their interests and extend their play into valuable and meaningful learning experiences. Children have daily access to messy activities, outdoor play, art experiences, music, science and dramatic play.

Our Preschool teaching team have worked in both the Early Childhood and Primary sector. These teachers lead our Be School Ready initiative. They draw on their knowledge of the primary school curriculum to plan and implement experiences that support children’s readiness for school.

We have a generous outdoor play area which provides children space to actively explore and gain confidence in their bodies in a safe and fun environment.

Healthy eating - We provide morning and afternoon tea, along with a nutritious hot lunch, made onsite daily by our centre cook.

Relationships - We are proud of the rich diversity we have in our centre and the strong relationships we develop with our families. We celebrate our unique cultures every day and come together regularly with fun family events.

Being connected to the community is also important for us. We go on regular excursions to the local library to extend early literacy development and provide our children with fun real-life experiences that help them feel connected to the wider community.

kind words from our parents


I would like to thank all the staff members of the ABC Salisbury Street for providing Sohail with the best learning and a safe environment with lots of love, support, appreciation and encouragement. I truly appreciate it and am very thankful to you.


I want to thank you all for making this such an easy task of returning to work. Having Kenzie with you throughout the day has made it so much easier and comforting knowing you are looking after her so well and she seems happy to be there. The open communication is helpful and I feel I can keep up with what she has been doing as I really didn’t want to miss out things. So big 2 thumbs up ABC Salisbury and thanks or all you time and support you’re all awesome.


It’s hard to know what to think when you first take your child to daycare. We were so happy to discover is that it was a great decision. The centre is great; staff that really care; heaps of room both indoors and out; stimulation and experiences that we would struggle to compete with; great friends and interactions for our child and for us; and it is fun. Most importantly our child loves ABC Salisbury!


ABC Salisbury St offers more than just childcare. The teachers and children are like our daughter’s other family. They offer a nurturing, safe, secure and joyful environment and are respective and protective of her well-being. They provide a fun learning environment, stimulating different learning techniques by use of different textures and an interest in her personal development.


ABC Salisbury St is a lovely centre. The centre itself is well laid out and beautifully presented and the staff are all very approachable and friendly. My daughter loves the centre and has made many friendships that I hope will last for years to come.


Today is our sons last day at daycare. When we came to Christchurch we weren’t going to put him in to daycare but after a week at Ronald McDonald we realised he needed other children interaction and we didn’t want to halt his learning. I was very anxious about putting him in to daycare for so many reasons, mainly because I didn’t want to put him in because it was convenient for us. We found ABC here in Christchurch and they have been great! They have been so good to us, but more importantly good to our son. Once he was in we realised it was the best thing we could’ve done, he wanted to be there instead of being stuck with my husband and I and it’s been so good for him having his own space away from all the baby talk. The staff there have been amazing and josh and I can’t have gone through this journey with our them. They have been so kind, supporting and understanding and we are so thankful we found them. I asked my son what he wanted to do for the teachers and he suggested doughnuts, so he bought in a few boxes this morning, after sneaking one for himself to eat on the way to daycare this morning. Thank you so much ABC Salisbury Street


A Glitter-bug

ABC Salisbury Street were lucky to be able to borrow a  glitter-bug from the CDHB. The children put magic gel on their hands, then put their hands under the ‘bug’ (a UV light with a peephole). This showed the children the amount of bugs on the

Going to the Antarctic Centre

In February the children at ABC Salisbury Street went to the Antarctic Centre as part of our ‘Under the sea’ project we’ve been working on. The children started by talking about the mammals and fish in the sea and the teachers responded by showing t

Christmas wander for ABC Salisbury Street

ABC Salisbury St in Christchurch enjoyed a walk to go see the Christmas display window at Ballantynes. We are so lucky to be situated in the Central City where we are constantly exploring our environment. The post Christmas w...