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First Steps Grey Lynn, is a special childcare centre located in a quiet, secluded spot just outside of Ponsonby and close to Westmere. Our location provides easy access for parents/whanau with plenty of parking just outside. We have a gorgeous playground that is a great challenging, natural learning environment for children as well as being a lovely quiet, peaceful place for special moments. The essence of nature in our environment engages the senses, cultivates curiosity and creates wonderment and discovery. We are surrounded by parks and reserves and are lucky enough to have park like surroundings in our centre with lots of leafy green trees.

We have two separate spaces for children:

Our Whare room caters for children from 3 months- 2.5 years. Our babies have a beautiful natural environment inside and out where children are encouraged to explore at their own pace. We provide lots of opportunities for our younger children to learn through their senses while developing their fine and gross motor skills. They are encouraged to explore the natural world around them with plenty of opportunities to explore their very own nature walk and real grass!

Our Studio caters for children from 2.5-5 years. The Studio children have a fantastic natural setting in which to learn. Our inside environment encourages thinking and exploration and our outside caters for all of those developing physical skills. We run a Be School Ready initiative where children are encouraged to begin writing their own names and even make their own lunch once a week. There is a focus on increasing children’s independence to enable each child to build foundation skills for life long learning. The Studio children go on a weekly bush walk and we encourage physical fitness through our weekly Jiggle Jam programme.


First Steps Grey Lynn are focussed on reducing our environmental impact and becoming more sustainable. Each child receives their own machine washable wet bag to store any wet or dirty clothing in, eliminating the need for one-use plastic supermarket bags.

We have an emphasis on sustainability and have a worm farm to enable children to learn about recycling. We participate in the Paper4trees programme which is a waste minimisation programme for Early Childhood Centres and schools.

We are also taking part in the Terracycle Recycling Programme. The programmes we are involved with are Fonterra Pouch Recycling, Colgate Oral Care Recycling  and the GLAD Food Storage Recycling programmes. We will receive $1 per kilo of pouches and 2 cents for every oral care item and food storage item we send away for recycling. We will be donating all money received through the programme to a local charity.

For more detailed information about Terracycle, click here.

Jiggle Jam - We are happy to provide the opportunity for our children to experience the fun of Jiggle Jam. With two sessions every week, Jiggle Jam introduces children to timing, rhythm, counting, coordination, fine and gross motor skill and gets the heart pumping! This is just one thing we are doing to promote health and wellness to our children. Ask us for more information.

Nature walks - Children in our studio room enjoy nature walks every week. They explore the natural environment by fossicking for bugs, climbing trees, collecting natural items, discovering plants and more. It’s a great way for our children to discover and learn about the world around them.

Garden yoga - We have yoga sessions every Wednesday at 10am. Practicing yoga poses helps children learn about the benefits of exercise. It helps to develop their confidence, teaches them breathing techniques and to concentrate for more sustained periods.

Please feel free to drop in anytime to get a tour of our wonderful centre and meet our lovely teaching team.

kind words from our parents


I visited a number of childcare centres in the area but found the atmosphere and staff at First Steps Grey Lynn to be the most welcoming and caring. I could tell that genuine care was provided for each child as an individual, catering to their specific little personality quirks and needs. My daughter settled in quickly and immediately started building a relationship with her teachers. They were great at supporting me through those early days and keeping me informed of her development – it’s just as hard as a mother during that initial transition. Now as soon as she sees the building, she beams from ear to ear and can’t wait to see her teachers and friends. When she gets inside she is straight to play, greeting her friends and teachers, and hardly notices me leave… she’s having way too much fun.


I cannot recommend First Steps highly enough, from the initial transition to her ongoing development, the staff are professional, warm and engaging and created a second home for us.


I cannot speak highly enough of the centre and in-particular the staff they are amazing. The love and care they provide my children is so natural and truly outstanding. The support I am provided with as a parent has been wonderful and greatly appreciated. The overall atmosphere and environment at the centre is lovely and the result of a great team.


I recently started back at work and felt guilty about sending my daughter to daycare. I found that the teachers were very helpful, and easy to talk to. They were open and honest with me regarding how my daughter was settling in. She developed a quick bond with two of the teachers, which made it easier for us to drop her off. There were a few tears in the first few weeks, but the teachers were lovely and were happy to receive my calls to see if she was ok! I have nothing but praise for the staff at First Steps Grey Lynn.


I am amazed at my daughter’s learning and her pride in her achievements! The staff are so friendly and genuine, and accommodate my daughter’s personality and quirks with humour and patience. I love the learning stories in my child’s portfolio and displayed on the walls.


Exploring muddy puddles

Today the children at First Steps Grey Lynn explored the muddy puddles. They noticed the puddles as soon as we went outside and it was the main interest the whole morning. I gave the children the freedom to explore and learn on their own,  they jumped and

First Steps Grey Lynn Animates adventure

The children at First Steps Grey Lynn have been super interested in birds lately so we decided to visit Animates! We walked to the local Animates in Richmond Road and the children were so excited to see birds, a lizard, a rat, a bunny, Guinea pigs, fish,

Yoga bliss

Last month the Studio children at First Steps Grey Lynn embarked on a new fitness journey through weekly yoga practice. It is a time where children can unwind and meditate to soothing music. We have seen everyone blissfully t...