First Steps Kelvin Grove

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First Steps Kelvin Grove is a brand new childcare centre. We have experienced, qualified teachers with expertise in caring for and teaching children from birth to 5 years. Our passionate team have a wide range of experience to support your child to reach their full potential.

At First Steps Kelvin Grove, we believe in the concept of ā tōna wā, where children learn in their own time and at their own pace. Our teachers provide opportunities for children and adults to take on challenges that involve risk. We value creativity as “Imagination is the source of all human achievement” - Sir Ken Robinson

We have an open door policy in which we encourage you to come and spend some time with your children in the centre. Your child has the freedom to explore, take risks and challenge themselves. We believe in a positive attitude towards food and teach healthy eating habits.  We have an onsite cook who prepares hot, nutritious meals, catering to all dietary needs. Kelvin Grove is a community minded centre and we are active within our neighborhood.

In our learning environment, we create beautiful spaces and empathetic relationships, to reflect our belief that children deserve the very best. By exploring the living world with our tamariki, we are making connections with the physical world, encouraging change for a sustainable future (by promoting and modelling sustainable practices).

Our learning environment is a place where you are always welcome. Te Ao Māori and Tikanga practices are woven within our bicultural curriculum. In-depth communication with our multicultural families informs and enriches our curriculum.

The specialised baby team will welcome and cherish your baby.  Our nurturing teachers will support you and your child to settle in with a peaceful and caring experience from around three months of age. At First Steps Kelvin Grove your infants' comfort is our priority. When you enrol your infant with us, we make sure they are snug as a bug in their very own, embroided quilt.

Our Be School Ready initiative ensures that babies through to preschool children are supported through play to learn skills and gain confidence to begin their school journey.

We offer a variety of part and full-time care to suit your family’s needs. Come and spend some time with us, meet our passionate and expert teachers and see how you and your child can benefit from becoming part of the First Steps family.

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Koru Room
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Totara Room

kind words from our parents


I came to pick up the kids today, and when I went to get Leyla, she was overflowing with joy and enthusiasm by just watching one of your lovely teachers do an amazing puppet show in the classroom. She wasn’t the only one, the rest of the kids in the room were completely engaged in the activity and participating too. You have excellent and lovely teachers in First Steps. I also enjoyed talking to the art teacher, and she explained to me how art can also be therapeutic. The other day I walked in on your teacher Maike just to see how energetically she was playing her guitar to all the little kids, and they were all having so much fun dancing to the music. I am also particularly happy that one of your teachers speaks Spanish and can talk to Hoosh in that language, since I am originally from Mexico. You have an amazing team! Oh, and Hooshmand loves Amy and talks about her every day!


I just love these photo’s of my beautiful Grand-children. Thanks soooo much Maryon for taking them. Jade really enjoy her first day and is looking forward to coming back next week. You are the best centre ever and I'm so happy my Grand babies are so looked after. Thank’s to all the lovely staff.

Jamie McGrath-Leighton

I brought my son Jackson into your centre and I was so impressed. The vibe of your centre is awesome. My son was so relaxed and felt welcome straight away. I knew straight away that this place was going to be perfect for my dude. When it was time to leave, Jackson got really upset because he wanted to stay, as he enjoyed himself so much. I look forward to my son starting with you in a couple of weeks.

What we're proud of


Art, the heart of our room

The Tōtara room is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

Happy Birthday to us!

On the 25th of September, we turned 1!

Recycling At It’s Best

We are passionate about recycling at First Steps Kelvin Grove. So that means even the shredded paper gets utalized again. A great learning experience for the children to gain a sense of enjoyment, practicing tossing the paper...