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Montessori Bethlehem provides childcare in the heart of Bethlehem only ten minutes from Tauranga’s central business district and with easy access to main travel routes. Montessori Bethlehem is located on a large semi-rural site that is connected to Bethlehem Town Shopping Centre offering Montessori childcare for children from 6 months to 6 years old.

The childcare programme and Montessori philosophy offers a nurturing environment that provides children with the opportunity to grow independence, a sense of belonging and develop a confidence that they are valued as individuals.

The airy classrooms are set in extensive park like grounds. Montessori Bethlehem has a large outdoor environment for each classroom, which provides children with the opportunity to explore nature, gardening, and plenty of space for physical activity.

Montessori Bethlehem has two 3 years – 6 year old classrooms, one 18 month to 3 year old toddler class room, and our Nido Room which caters for babies

At Montessori Bethlehem we encourage community involvement and active family participation within our programme. Montessori Bethlehem offers highly qualified Montessori and Early Childhood teachers dedicated to providing exceptional childcare and learning experiences. Montessori Bethlehem has a diverse cultural community that enriches and contributes to our educational programme.

The Montessori environment nurtures and empowers children to be self-directed learners and role models fostering a love of life long learning that enables each child to reach their full potential instilling a sense of self worth and self belief. Following the Montessori philosophy, Montessori Bethlehem provides childcare that allows the children freedom of choice to follow their individual interests.

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Be School Ready at Montessori Bethlehem
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kind words from our parents


I am a mother of two children at Montessori Bethlehem. Both of my children are very different in personality and temperament and Montessori suits both of them perfectly. The Montessori method partnered with quality teachers means that my son who prefers to observe first and participate later in his own time, usually solo, has been able to work at his own pace, celebrate his success, and gain confidence to make friends and try new things. My daughter who is confident and busy, is able to move through activities as she needs to while being encouraged to concentrate on individual tasks and see them through to completion. I love that their individual personalities are celebrated and I’m reminded of this every time I talk with their teachers and hear about their activities and achievements – it’s obvious to me that they know my children and have a real relationship with them. I also really love how respect for others and manners are encouraged as this is a high value of ours at home, and I especially love it when it starts to come out naturally from my children.


There is so much love in the Nido room. And when you are leaving your precious little one, this is the most important thing. My oldest child loves visiting her little brother in her old room, they feel comfortable. There are so many different activities which are constantly changed. The interaction between teacher child and teacher parent is fantastic.


The Montessori staff teachers are exceptional. We love reading about Ella’s progress in her thoughtful learning stories. The staff and teachers are flexible and listen to your special requests and work to follow your child’s established routines.


We chose Montessori as it came highly recommended by our friends whose children both had gone through here. Our eldest child started at Nido and we found it a wonderful place for her to explore and develop her independence. Our youngest has just begun and we are really looking forward to seeing her develop her independence.


Radiating Peace and Serenity with Regular Yoga Practice

Our committed team of experienced teachers at Montessori Bethlehem offer our children a wide array of opportunities that often reflect their individual interests and strengths. One of our amazing teachers has a love for yoga, practicing every morning and

Little artists

At Montessori Bethlehem – At Montessori Bethlehem we have been learning about Matariki the Maori New Year. The children have loved exploring the different types of Matariki inspired art and craft activities available. At Montessori Bethlehem we plac

Maori New Year

At Montessori Bethlehem we have been learning about Matariki the Maori New Year. These types of experiences enable our children to learn about and explore their own and others culture in a fun and exciting way. One of the way...