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Montessori Children’s House is a warm and welcoming Montessori Preschool in Henderson, West Auckland catering for children aged 2 to 6 years of age and offering both sessional and full day care and education.

The Montessori philosophy offers student-centred lessons and activities where children are hands-on and active participants. Our Montessori teachers act as guides and consultants to students on a one-on-one basis and each child is assisted along his or her own learning path. Our well-resourced environment is supportive of this approach.

At the preschool we offer a beautiful spacious playground with many natural elements and lovely established trees.

We have two classrooms so that our programme can be tailored to meet the individual needs of children. Ruma Iti is our introductory classroom for 2 year olds and Ruma Nui classroom is for older children transitioning to continue with the 3-6 year old curriculum.

Our families benefit from excellent child to teacher ratios and a stable and passionate teaching team who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We offer 20 ECE hours and fees for additional hours are affordable and competitive.

Montessori Children's House – For the Love of Learning!

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kind words from our parents


Your teaching enriches children’s lives, helping them to stretch and grow towards their future” Thank you all for your day-to-day teaching, caring and presence, which has helped Heidi love learning.


Dear Children’s House teachers, we want to thank you for all your years of love, dedication and education for both girls Ocean and Nevada, as well as our whole family, including Pele and Me. You have been there for our families in so many ways. We will never forget your love, wisdom and blessings. We love you always.


Celebrating Christine's 30 years of service

A surprise morning tea was organised to thank Christine for the 30 years of service she has given to this centre,

Dancing with Poppy

One of ​our past pupils put on a dance performance for our children.

St John in Schools vists Montessori Children's House

St. John in Schools recently visited us at the centre.