Montessori Otumoetai

Otu - veggies
Otum  - Blocks
Otu - apples
Otu - tower
otu - building
Otu - morning tea
Otu - bells
Otu - mat
Otu - dino
Otu- trip
Otu - boy
Otu - playdough
Otu - whare
Montessori Otumoetai is nestled on a quiet suburban road and is a destination centre for those interested in the Montessori Philosophy. We are licensed for 30 children from two to six years of age. ERO has rated Montessori Otumoetai in the top 7% of NZ childcare centres providing positive learning outcomes for children.

We provide a strong Montessori teaching method which means our children become independent and active learners who are able to make choices and follow their own interests within the Montessori environment.Our teaching team consists of three Early Childhood Education (ECE) trained teachers, of which two are qualified Montessori teachers and one in-training for her Montessori Diploma.

Our families come from a variety of areas within the Tauranga area from Welcome Bay on the south side of Tauranga to Te Puna on the rural edge of the northern area of Tauranga. Our centre is situated close to the Montessori Unit at Bellevue Primary school which makes the transition to school an easy and enjoyable process for our children.

Academic Preparation - Montessori prepares children both for higher education and for life. On an academic level, Montessori helps children attain skills that allow them to become independently functioning adults and lifelong learners.

Internalised ground rules and the ability to work with external authority - Montessori students are normally comfortable with ground rules that set the boundaries for their interactions within the school community. Because these ground rules are internalised, Montessori students normally learn to behave appropriately whether or not teachers are present.

Social Responsibility - Montessori children tend to be quite sensitive to rights and needs of others. They tend to make a positive contribution to their community.

Autonomy - Montessori students tend to become self-directed, composed and morally independent. Confidence and Competence Montessori students normally become competent, self-reflective and thereby successful. They are generally not afraid of failure and learn from mistakes.

Creativity and Originality of Thought - Montessori students normally become confident in expressing their own ideas and creativity. They recognise the value of their own work, respect the creative process of others, and are willing to share their ideas, regardless of the risk of rejection. Montessori students tend to take great satisfaction in self-expression.

Spiritual Awareness - Montessori students are often exceptionally passionate, empathetic and sensitive to the natural world and the human condition.

Video Gallery

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We held a sausage sizzle to celebrate Father's Day

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From Seed to Table

To celebrate the beginning of winter, today at Montessori Otumoetai our tamariki prepared pumpkin soup. At group time we revisited where it all began, from visiting the garden centre, planting the seeds, watering and weeding...