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Welcome to Montessori Taradale, a place for all children to be part of a wonderful stimulating programme that values independence, promotes high self esteem and develops social skills and consideration for others. Our Montessori environment supports each child’s individual potential and interests.

Nestled in between Napier and Hastings on a large quiet back section, Montessori Taradale has been caring for and educating children for 9 years. We have two casa’s – Casa di Amici for our younger children where they will be welcomed with aroha and kindness, and Casa della Vita for our older children, where specialised Montessori teachers welcome your child to a world of learning possibilities.

Our teachers model respect, courtesy and peace, in a warm, cheerful environment. They work with your child/children individually and in groups with exciting specialised equipment that leads the child to self discovery.

The quality of the learning environment is very important to us. When children find themselves in environments that are beautiful, soothing, full of wonder and discovery, they feel intrigued, respected, and eager to spend their days living and learning here.  Plants, soft lighting and quiet background music along with lovely natural environments all help to create a homely and nurturing atmosphere.

We are able to offer children amazing natural outdoor environments where they can explore plants, study bugs and insects, feed the chickens and rabbits, tend to the extensive vegetable garden, swing under the big tree, and of course, have room to run and play. Our outdoor environments are unique and unmatched in the early childhood community.

We also offer children healthy vegetarian meals prepared with fresh Hawkes Bay produce right here in our own kitchen.

The Montessori philosophy advocates the holistic development of the child. It is based on a belief in the child’s innate potential. Montessori education from the earliest years will prepare your child for life by encouraging:

  • independence
  • concentration
  • coordination
  • self esteem
  • inner motivation
  • respect for each other
  • respect for their environment
  • a love of learning

We invite all interested parents to visit our Montessori centre – simply give us a call on 06 845 9380 and we can arrange a time and day for one of our teachers to show you around the centre.

Montessori Taradale – educating children from 12 months to six years old.

kind words from our parents


Today our child is turning five years old and our adventure together is coming to an end. Several times we have thought about speaking with you but our lack of knowledge of the English language sometimes gets us in trouble especially when we want to express our feelings.


We have found Montessori Taradale to be a lovely big caring family!


Arriving in the morning, we find your team so friendly, smiling and professional. It has been amazing. Anna couldn’t speak English at all and she was scared and worried. Now she has become a lovely happy girl speaking the English language fluently – thanks to your huge help.


New opportunities and challenges in Casa di Amici

The team in Casa di Amici have been using the children's emergent interest in climbing and movement (particularly outside) to inform our planning.

We have a GOLD Healthy Heart Award

Here at Montessori Taradale we have been striving to provide the healthiest of environments for our Tamariki.

The Ramble

Karen has started a wonderful series of environmental adventures with the Amici children, which she has aptly named “The Ramble”.