TopKids Puketaha

Puketaha - Blocks
Puketaha - Umberellas
Puketaha - Building
Puketaha - Slime
Puketaha - Holding hands
Puketaha - Duck
Puketaha - Sand
Puketaha - climbing
Puketaha - cat
Puketaha - slide
Puketaha - ducks
TopKids Puketaha is a purpose-built centre situated in a gorgeous country backdrop on the outskirts of Hamilton.

We have spacious outdoor areas that provide plenty of room for our children to run, jump, crawl, climb, learn and have lots of fun. We also have the opportunity to take our children on nature walks and bug hunts in our surrounding paddocks as well as caring for all our animals. We work closely with our parents / whānau and community to create a stimulating and social environment for our children.

We have three rooms that cater to specific age-groups (nursery, toddlers and preschool children). Throughout these rooms we have a wide variety of resources, materials and equipment that encourage children to strengthen and extend their learning and development.

Our experienced and caring team takes pride in our centre and provides continual support and encouragement in all our children’s learning and development.

The team at TopKids Puketaha is committed to implementing a holistic education and care programme that affirms and enhances individual children’s interests, and that will enable them to achieve their potential.

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Waikato Rippa Rugby 2017
Fun at TopKids Puketaha
TopKids Puketaha

kind words from our parents


TopKids Pukuatua, Thank you for all the kindness, care and attention you have all shown Sam over the last four years which has helped shape him ready for his next journey.


Hamish does have amazing language and a wonderful zest for life which TopKids have helped to grow as he has grown. Hamish has been exposed to different situations and learning experiences at TopKids that have helped shape this young confident boy who is now looking forward to the next step in life – school. TopKids staff are great at recognising an interest a child has and helping the child develop and learn with encouragement through their learning stories to research about the interest. I feel Hamish is in an excellent position to start school. He can write his name with confidence, as well as sit and focus on a particular task.


I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding work Lesley and her staff do each day. From the interesting and diverse activities to the wealth of knowledge easily given by the multicultural staff we believe our children have benefited by their well thought out programmes and resources.

Keena, Taine, Brevic and Sheree

The last 3 months have been the most difficult of our lives and we just want to thank you all for the love and support you have shown us. This experience has highlighted to us the amazing people we are surrounded by and how truly lucky we are.


Exploring The Great Outdoors

At TopKids Puketaha, we are blessed with the opportunity  to explore our wider environment on a daily basis.  This morning our Nursery tamariki put on their brand new weatherproof overalls and took a walk around our paddocks checking in on our animals and

Pukeko in a Ponga Tree

TopKids Puketaha‘s Pukeko in a Ponga Tree The post Pukeko in a Ponga Tree appeared first on BestStart Educare.

Perform at the opening of the Kmart Wishing Tree

The tamariki at TopKids Puketaha were asked to perform at the opening of the Kmart Wishing Tree.