BestStart Pipiwai Kindy's beloved pet Rabbit

 BestStart Pipiwai Kindy's beloved pet Rabbit

Ko Butter tōku ingoa

Ko Pipiwai Kindy tōku kura

Nō Kamo ahau

Ko Parikiore tōku maunga

Ko Waitawa tōku awa

Kia ora, I'm Butter. BestStart Pipiwai Kindy's beloved pet Rabbit. Unfortunately, I can't remember my whanau as I was adopted by the Kaiako (teachers) here when I was a baby; however, I have been loving that our tamariki have been finding out more about their pepeha's and I wanted to give it a go too! 

Mine tells you my name (Butter), my school (Pipiwai Kindy), where I'm from (Kamo), what my mountain is (Parikiore) and that Waitawa is my river. 
Winter nearly blew my cage away, but Spring is here, phew! The sun is coming back, and even my neighbour Shelley has started to come out of hibernation- which is great as we all missed her. 

Highlights of the last month were getting amongst the gardens, harvesting beetroot, lemons and spring onion. Thinning the strawberry patch, planting some more flowers for the bees and putting new grass down on the garden beds as the local birds have been swooping in on our gardens. We enjoyed having a fire truck come and visit, and for the best news of all, we won an "Innovation Award". This award is for our sustainability and confirmation that we are making an impact on our community, so we are super proud of it and are very thankful for the support that we had towards achieving this. 

Now for the bad news. They came out and told me that I was going to have a special person come and visit me and I was so excited! I love visitors! Then I saw it pull into the car park... one of those Utes from Kamo Vets next door. 

I really hoped it was coming because the chickens kept escaping, but no, they came along, opened my hutch, dragged me out and put me on the table to be examined. But you know what, they only came with good news. I am a very healthy rabbit, and I'm no longer overweight! This means I'm no longer on rations, yay!! 

Thanks for coming Kamo Vets!