A book adventure

13 Jun 2019


Recently BestStart Napier children went on the first of what will be a monthly trip to the Napier Library for the  special preschool reading session. The children were so excited that we were going on a van ride to the library. When we arrived we walked through the museum and saw all the Māori culture that on was display.

As we got to the library there was a group of other children waiting for the storytime too. We had a look at some books while we waited and reminded the children that we needed to be quiet. The children got together and sat on the seats and shared the books they found with each other. 

A lady came through with a bag of books. The children all gathered around and started listening to the stories about dinosaurs (which went well with our group focus about the living world past and present). She read a few books and got the children involved by asking questions. 

When the storytime had finished the children chose a book each to bring back to the centre. What a range of books we have!