A Love for Learning

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A Love for Learning

At BestStart Tōtara Park, we aspire to promote our centre as a community of learners, rich in a sense of family, working collaboratively with whānau as partners in their children's learning journey. The months of December and January led us on a journey to explore literacy with and alongside our whānau, whereas we delivered three workshops on behalf of the Ministry of Education's 'Early Reading Together' initiative/research. Whānau engagement was at an all time high with enthusiastic parents and tamariki participating and sharing their knowledge and new learning with us.

We took full advantage of these workshops, introducing whānau to the value of 'play' in a hands-on, interactive experience, making connections to our transition to school programme. Parents worked collaboratively with tamariki experimenting with gloop, playdough and salt sand, exploring the many ways in which early literacy can be explored through play.

We are looking forward to introducing our wider BestStart Tōtara Park whānau and community to BestStart's 16 areas of play and making the all-important connections for whānau to how play prepares our tamariki for school.