A special farewell

19 Aug 2019

A special farewell

Hina is an exchange student from Japan that has been a part of one of our centre families for two weeks, and attended Omokoroa Point School.During our farewell, Hina put on our special Korowai Cloak and then the entire class sang Tutira ma nga Iwi and the New Zealand national anthem. It was great to see so many of our tamariki recognise the National anthem, this helps us to connect one another. Hina was very curious to know the name of  the song, so Leigh showed her on the iPod we use.

One of the children  also gave Hina a beautiful hand-made card that was made earlier, which Hina loved!


After our waiata, we had a Kiwi healthy heart afternoon tea. We had vegetable sticks, fruit crackers, popcorn and traditional kiwi onion dip. It was delicious…..