Art at BestStart Russell Street


Over September here at BestStart Russell Street, we have been learning through art. This is one of our 16 areas of play and over the last month, our tamariki have been really engaging in this area. This is an area that is strongly engaged across the whole centre and with our tamariki of all ages. 

We can see the amazing creativity of our tamariki both inside and outside. Our tamariki have been using chalk, paint, pens, pencils, and even straws to make their works of art that we then get to share with our whanau. These resources are also frequently used in decorating our classroom walls as we get to celebrate the achievements of our tamariki and see how proud they are of having their art on display.

Art is a great medium for expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas as well as using many skills that are the foundation of beginning literacy skills that will be used later in life. We can also use this area to teach science by colour mixing and making shapes and patterns on our paper linking to mathematics. Art is a tool that binds together many skills from many other curriculum areas. It is exciting to see where art and creativity will take us next and what will inspire our tamariki in the coming months.