Blast off, with our spaceship!


How awesome is this spaceship! As a part of our planning at BestStart Parton Road, Te Ao Marama, our team created the spaceship for the tamariki to learn about space. With interactive controls and educational features, they had a blast exploring the cosmos and learning about the universe. They can learn about mathematical concepts by counting numbers before blasting off and getting to know about the eight planets in the solar system. Also, tamariki develop be-ready school skills by taking turns, sharing, expressing their point of view to others, and actively participating. The spaceship made by our team has been well-loved by everyone from babies to our preschoolers. It has been quite amazing to see children's communication and information about the solar system, also we can see tuakana-teina relationship which is a traditional Māori cultural philosophy and practice; referring to the relationship between an older and younger sibling, or close family members like cousins. It is when an older or more expert tuakana (brother, sister, or cousin) helps and guides a younger or less expert teina. The spaceship makes tamariki experience the rich and visible setting for their learning towards Te Ao Marama. Come along and check out our spaceship at BS Parton Road!