Building a sense of wellbeing and belonging


In the Pipi room, our tamariki (children) start from 12 months old. We understand that it can be difficult for parents to leave their young ones with us and put trust in us to care for their treasures. We truly respect our whanau for making this important decision and work together with our whanau to meet their aspirations for their child and are flexible to meet each child's needs. We are a nurturing and supportive team and understand the importance of settling our tamariki into the centre and fostering each child to build a sense of Well-being and Belonging to their new environment which supports each child's foundation for learning. 

In the Pipi room, we support our tamariki to become competent and confident learners and the teachers are great at observing the individuals to set up learning goals to meet their needs. We support our tamariki to learn our Montessori values of self-care, care of the environment, care and respect for others, and grace and courtesy and give our tamariki the freedom of choice and will help guide our tamariki to strengthen and empower their potential and promote to one's independence.