Bush Kindy Bugs

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Getting out into our local community and learning outdoors is a huge focus for our curriculum here at BestStart Richmond Kindy. For many years we have been running weekly ‘Bush Kindy’ lessons in the Waipahihi Gulley where out 4 year olds enjoy exploring nature. Our most recent learning project is around Science and Nature so this term’s Bush Kindy has meant lots of nature exploration, in particular searing for bugs, insect and spiders and planting harakeke to support wildlife in our gulley. 

Heidi from Kids Greening Taupo has been supporting us on our lessons this term. The children use their investigating skills to look in all sorts of places to find a variety of creatures, such as digging down in the ground or looking in or under rotten logs. What a treasure trove! 

We discovered cicadas, worms, woodlice, spiders and cockroaches! This provided opportunities for us to bring discoveries back to our classroom and talk about them and find out more information about these fascinating creatures. The children also really enjoyed planting harakeke plants of their own in the gulley which they can continue to check on and nurture.