Care Bear Friends

31 May 2022

Care Bear Friends

Wow, what an impact our new Care Bear friends have on the prep room tamariki. The teaching team had been overwhelmed with the changes in the environment since our friend's arrival. We are witnessing tamariki creating a positive environment amongst themselves. Tamariki are more supportive and caring towards others; the teaching team has also noticed more peer engagement and interactions. 

On Friday mornings at mat time, the teaching team look at each chart and count up all the ticks. The most ticks then determined who would spend Friday with the Care Bears. There is so much anticipation on Thursday. The children are excited and happy to see who's name is announced. The child's smile who gets to have a Care Bear for the day is priceless. 

Voices of our tamariki:
Marama- I'm so happy, my mums going to  be so proud of me. 
Riley- I'm very happy- I think my Dad will be surprised.  
After a few minutes, Leo went up to Riley and said congratulations and well done.