Celebrate Matariki with your children

12 Jun 2019

Celebrate Matariki with your children

Matariki is a time of festivity for Mãori, the tangata whenua, or first people of the land of Aotearoa New Zealand. It marks the first rising of the star cluster of Matariki (the Mãori name for Pleiades), which indicates the beginning of the New Year for Mãori. This year Matariki is observed from 25 June to 3 July. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Matariki with children.

SHARE KAI – preparing and sharing a meal with friends and whãnau is a Matariki tradition.

LOOK AT THE STARS – learn about the constellations and look for Matariki through a telescope or visit your local maunga to view the stars.

FOCUS ON OUR WHAKAPAPA – Learn about family history and share stories about relatives and ancestors.

FLY A KITE – kites were seen as connectors between heaven and earth and are often flown when celebrating Matariki.