Celebrating Mothers at BestStart Howick

10 May 2019

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BestStart Howick took great pleasure in pampering our children’s mums, grandmums and aunts for Mother’s Day on Wednesday, 8th May. The pampering involved beauty facials, make-overs from a wide range of make-up, a nail bar, henna tattooing and some scrumptious food and amazing berry smoothies.

We also had fun with a quiz, which was based on Disney movies and some general knowledge with prizes for the winners! After an enthusiastic quizzing time (phew!!!!) some of the mums drew out the raffle tickets. Thanks to Lisa Clifford (Katilyn's mum) from Dili Cakes, we had a beautiful cupcake bouquet, which she generously donated for our live auction. Part proceeds from the raffle and auction will be donated to a charitable organisation of the parents’ choice. Thank you everyone for your generous contribution towards this cause.